Omnichannel is Driving the Future of Marketing

Excerpt: "ShareRails created a platform to integrate online and offline merchandise into an accessible online retail catalog designed to mirror the in-person shopping experience. Their platform also engages social media influencers and top tier publishers, including Marie Claire, as consultants to take customers through the buying process."


Grey Cloak Tech to Acquire Online to Offline Technology Firm

Excerpt: "In addition to helping malls and traditional retailers extend their store online into accessible product catalogs, ShareRails engages social media influencers as merchandisers and develops new revenue streams for digital publishers. Their omni-channel and influencer marketing products are appropriate for businesses of all sizes, worldwide."


Harvard Business School Hong Kong Startup Competition

ShareRails winning HBSHK start up competition - Sept 2016


Dressli Launch in Melbourne

Dressli, ShareRails' social commerce app for mobile shopping was successfully launched in 2015. Dressli allows users to browse daily outfits and products recommended stylists.


Speaking Events

1. ShareRails founder, Joseph Nejman talking to postgrads about social commerce and entrepreneurship at Hong Kong Baptist University

 2.  An informative session at Blueprint HK sharing insights on how to  successfully run an eCommerce business.